How To Connect Microphone To Smart TV 

You are thinking about how to connect a microphone to your smart TV for that home karaoke session or hands-free control? Well, this technical task can sometimes leave users feeling baffled.

This blog post simplifies the process of how different kinds of microphones – wired and wireless – can be connected to various smart TVs through multiple methods such as USB ports, Bluetooth, and more.

Dive in and transform your living room into a voice-controlled entertainment hub today!

Ways to Connecting a Microphone to a Smart TV

Connecting a microphone to your smart TV can be achieved in four distinct ways. You can connect via the USB port if your mic supports it. Another way is by using Bluetooth, especially when seeking a wireless connection.

The third option involves plugging into an audio jack if available on the TV or even a stereo system nearby. Lastly, you could also use XLR input;

however, this requires professional-grade microphones and special adapters that convert from XLR to another wire type like HDMI or RCA usually found on TVs.

Via a USB port

Connecting a microphone to a Smart TV using the USB port is a simple process.

  1. Locate the USB port on your Smart TV.
  2. Plug your compatible microphone into this USB slot.
  3. Ensure that the television recognizes the connected device.
  4. Test the sound to confirm the successful connection.

Connecting a Microphone via Bluetooth

Connecting a microphone to a Smart TV via Bluetooth presents an easy, wireless way for you to enhance your audio experience. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure both devices are compatible: Your first step is ensuring that both the Smart TV and microphone support Bluetooth connection. Many modern-day TVs and microphones come with built-in Bluetooth support.
  2. Power on the devices: Next, turn on your Smart TV and Bluetooth-enabled microphone.
  3. Access the settings menu: Navigate to the settings or setup menu on your smart TV. Typically, this involves using your remote control.
  4. Enable Bluetooth: Search for the “Bluetooth” option under “Sound”, “Audio”, or similar settings and select it to turn on Bluetooth.
  5. Pair Devices: Pick up your microphone, power it on if not already done so, and get into its pairing mode (usually by holding down a button). Now go back to your TV’s Bluetooth setting page, where you should see the microphone pop up as a connectable device.
  6. Connect: Use your remote to select the microphone listed under available devices in order make a connection between them.
  7. Test the connection: Finally, speak into the mic and check to see if sound emits from your television speakers.

Using an Audio Jack

The 3.5mm jack offers a simple and easy way to connect your microphone to your Smart TV. Here are the steps:

  1. Start by identifying the 3.5mm audio input on your TV.
  2. Locate the same type of output on your microphone.
  3. Plug one end of the 3.5mm audio cable into the microphone and plug the other end into your TV’s input.
  4. Ensure that your TV is set to receive an audio signal from this particular port, you may need to check user manual for this.
  5. Test if sound travels effectively between your mic and TV after connection.
  1. Use a special adapter called a 3.5mm TRS to XLR cable (this allows you to convert an XLR connection into something compatible with lower-end devices).
  2. Connect the XLR end of the cable to your professional microphone, and plug the 3.5mm TRS end into your TV’s audio jack.
  3. Ensure that no excess distance exists between TV and microphone, otherwise, consider getting longer cables or moving closer.

Connecting a Microphone to Your TV via XLR Input

Making use of the XLR input is an excellent way to connect a microphone to your smart TV. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the XLR input on your TV.
  2. Prepare your microphone and ensure it has an XLR output.
  3. Purchase a 3.5mm TRS to XLR cable if you don’t have one already.
  4. Connect the XLR end of the cable to your microphone’s output.
  5. Insert the 3.5mm end into your TV’s XLR input.
  6. Confirm that all connections are securely in place before powering both devices on.
  7. Adjust your TV sound settings to recognize input from the microphone source.

Can I Connect a Wired Microphone to a Smart TV?

Definitely, you can connect a wired microphone to your smart TV. Modern-day TVs typically come with various ports which make this task simple and straightforward.

For instance, most models feature an audio input jack located on the back of the unit.

Simply plug in your mic into it and get ready for improved sound during karaoke nights or presentations!

For those sporting microphones with RCA or HDMI cables, many smart TVs support these types of connections too! Simply locate the appropriate port on your TV – be it HDMI or RCA – and insert the cable from your mic.

In case there are no designated slots for such connections, don’t worry! There’s always a solution available; resorting to alternatives like 3.5mm jacks or USB cables will surely do the trick.

Bear in mind that both wired and wireless microphone connectivity options should work fine if executed correctly.

Conclusion – Connect Microphone To Smart TV

Learn how to connect a microphone to your TV in 5 easy ways for a smart home experience. If your smart TV has a 3.5mm jack, simply plug in your microphone. For professional microphones, use an adapter.

Bluetooth-enabled smart TVs allow you to connect wirelessly. Some TVs support phantom power for condenser mics. Alternatively, use the USB port or digital audio via HDMI.

Ensure you’re using the correct cables and consult your user manual. With these microphone connections, you can enjoy a hands-free, voice-controlled experience on modern-day TVs.

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Wrapping up, and connecting a microphone to your smart TV can change the way you interact with your device. You might use it for voice commands, karaoke nights or to enhance your home theater experience.

One important note is to ensure the compatibility between your microphone and TV model for seamless usage. Happy sound experimenting!


1. How do I connect a microphone to my Smart TV?

You are able to connect the microphone to your smart TV by attaching it via the microphone input, which might be a 3.5mm jack if your TV has one or sometimes through USB ports.

2. Can I use a Bluetooth Microphone with my Smart Tv?

Yes! If your tv supports bluetooth connections you can easily set up and use any Bluetooth-enabled device including microphones.

3. What do I need to consider when connecting a karaoke machine?

Keep in mind that you may need an adapter if your microphone uses phantom power, also using correct RCA connection could ensure better audio via HDMI port.

4. Are there simpler methods for people who want wireless features while the smart tv is connected?

If you’re not sure about direct plug-ins, then opting for Bluetooth microphones would be helpful as they can be effortlessly set up following few simple steps provided by manufacturers usually on their guidebooks.