Why Do My Airtags Keep Going Off [Solved]

Are you puzzled by your AirTags’ unexpected beeping, and unsure of what’s causing the commotion? You’re not alone. Many users have experienced these location tracking devices creating a seemingly random racket.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into various reasons why your AirTags keep going off and provide expert troubleshooting tips to help silence those unwelcome chimes.

Discover how to tackle low battery alerts or connection glitches that could be triggering unwanted sound, ensuring that your valuable Bluetooth tracker stays reliable in guarding against theft and loss.

Key Takeaways

  • Airtags may keep going off if their batteries are low, so it’s important to regularly check and replace them.
  • Movement can trigger Airtags to emit sound as part of Apple’s built-in anti-stalking feature, but separation from the associated device can also cause unwanted noise.
  • To troubleshoot issues with Airtags constantly beeping, check battery levels, and ensure proper attachment to the item being tracked. It’s also crucial to understand the functionality and compatibility of your Airtag for optimal use in theft prevention and luggage tracking purposes while minimizing unnecessary alerts.

Reasons Why Airtags Keep Going Off

There are a few reasons why Airtags keep going off, including low battery levels, movement of the tag, and separation from the associated device.

Low Battery Levels

One common reason for AirTags constantly going off is low battery levels. With an estimated battery life of approximately one year, based on average daily usage, it’s essential to keep track of your AirTag’s remaining power.

Sometimes, a low battery warning may pop up on your iPhone to alert you when the battery charge is running low.

Surprisingly enough, certain Duracell batteries have been reported to cause issues with AirTag replacements. When dealing with unnecessary beeping and constant notifications stemming from a possible low-power issue, checking and replacing the battery should be considered a top priority.

Movement Of The Airtag

One common reason for an AirTag to keep going off is the movement of the device itself. As part of Apple’s commitment to item security and personal safety, they designed AirTags with built-in features that play audible alarms when the device experiences significant motion.

For example, if you accidentally leave your keys (with an attached AirTag) on a park bench during your morning jog and someone else picks them up, proximity detection will cause the AirTag to emit a sound once separated from you.

When taken far enough away from its associated device, it will alert both you and others around about its presence.

Separation From The Associated Device

One common reason why AirTags may keep going off is due to separation from the associated device. These Bluetooth tracking devices are designed with proximity alert systems to help users locate their personal items when separated.

For instance, if your keys have an AirTag attached and you accidentally leave them at a café, the device will recognize that it’s no longer within range of your iPhone or any other connected Apple product.

In some cases, these separation alerts might happen unintentionally due to temporary obstructions between the AirTag and its paired device or even if the user briefly moves out of range.

Such instances can be quite frustrating as they may result in unnecessary safety alerts going off constantly.

Troubleshooting Tips

To troubleshoot and resolve issues with Airtags going off, check the battery levels and ensure proper attachment to the item being tracked.

Check Battery Levels

It’s important to keep track of the battery life of your AirTags to ensure they remain functional and effective. Although there is no way to directly check the battery level, there are still ways to stay proactive in ensuring they don’t fail unexpectedly.

One option is to regularly replace the batteries as a preventative measure every few months or so, especially if you’re using them for high-stakes purposes like tracking valuable items or pets.

By staying on top of these essential maintenance steps, you’ll be able to continue benefiting from AirTags’ excellent device tracking capabilities without any unexpected hiccups along the way.

Ensure Proper Attachment

One of the common reasons why AirTags keep going off is due to improper attachment. To ensure proper attachment, make sure that the Airtag is securely fastened to your item, such as your keys or wallet.

It’s also important to note that AirTags are designed for precision tracking and anti-stalking measures, but they should not be used for illegal purposes. In addition, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines when using wireless tracking devices like AirTags.


In conclusion, if you’re wondering why your Airtags keep going off and making noise without any apparent reason, there are multiple factors behind it. Low battery levels, separation from the associated device, or movement of the Airtag can cause it to beep randomly.

Troubleshooting tips such as checking battery levels and ensuring proper attachment can help resolve these issues. Additionally, resetting the AirTag and keeping it updated is crucial to avoid any glitches or malfunctions.

Remember that interference from RFID keys or badges or accidentally turning on lost mode may also be a cause of the beeping noise.


1. Why do my Airtags keep going off randomly?

There are several reasons why your Airtags may go off unexpectedly, such as a weak Bluetooth connection or interference from other electronic devices. It could also be due to the placement of the tag on an object that is constantly moving or jostling.

2. Can I prevent my Airtags from going off accidentally?

Yes, you can adjust the settings on your iPhone to reduce false alerts by adjusting the distance threshold and notification preferences for individual tags. You can also ensure that your tags are securely attached to items so they don’t fall off or move around excessively.

3. Is there anything I should avoid doing with my Airtags?

Avoid placing your AirTags near certain electronic devices like wireless chargers or magnets, which can interfere with their signal and cause them to go off unnecessarily. Additionally, refrain from using AirTags in situations where privacy might be a concern, such as tracking someone without their knowledge.

4. What should I do if my Airtag keeps going off even though it’s still nearby?

If your tag continues to go off but you know it is still within range, try resetting both the tag and your phone’s Bluetooth connection before reattaching it to the item you want to track. If this doesn’t work, contact Apple support for further assistance or consider replacing the device if it’s malfunctioning.