How to Connect AirFly to AirPods – Easy Methods for Seamless Pairing

AirFly and AirPods: a seamless connection!

It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants convenience and freedom. Whether you’re at home or traveling, AirFly makes wireless audio a reality without any fuss.

Here’s how to connect them:

  1. Make sure your AirPods are on and in your ears.
  2. Plug your AirFly into the audio jack of another device – like a TV or airplane seat.
  3. Wait for the LED light to blink – then press the button and pair!
  4. In seconds, they’ll be connected and you can start listening.

AirFly is compatible with a wide range of audio devices, making it so versatile. Plus, you can share audio with others by connecting two sets of AirPods or Bluetooth headphones to the same source.

In a nutshell, AirFly is the ultimate accessory for convenience and versatility. It allows wireless audio and a shared experience, making it ideal for any type of listening.

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Quick Summary:

  • AirPods cannot be directly paired with PS4 and Xbox controllers. A Bluetooth dongle, such as AirFly Pro from Twelve South, is needed to connect AirPods to the PS4 controller. Other alternatives to AirFly Pro include PS4 Wireless Bluetooth Dongle and Avantree Leaf Class 1 Long Range USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter.
  • To connect AirPods with AirFly Pro, put the device in TX mode, hold the pairing button on the AirPods case, and wait for successful pairing. Note that AirFly Pro can only transmit audio to the headphones and not receive voice chat audio.
  • AirFly was tested with Nintendo Switch and worked seamlessly as Switch lacks built-in Bluetooth. It also worked with both new and old Xbox controllers, but the built-in microphone did not work.
  • AirFly Wireless Transmitter costs $40, weighs less than an ounce, and has a battery life of 8 or more hours. Users have reported excellent sound quality and seamless pairing with various headphones.

Using AirFly to Connect AirPods to PS4 and Xbox Controllers

Connecting AirPods to PS4 and Xbox controllers can be a bit tricky as it is not natively supported. However, there are some workarounds to enable audio streaming.

One popular option is to use a Bluetooth dongle that supports audio transmission, such as the Avantree Leaf.

In this section, we will discuss the process for pairing AirPods to PS4 and Xbox controllers using Avantree Leaf. We will also touch on some alternatives to Avantree Leaf for those who prefer different options.

AirPods cannot be directly paired with PS4 and Xbox controllers

Can’t pair your AirPods with gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox? Compatibility issues! Don’t worry, there’s a fix. Extra devices can link the AirPods to the controllers.

First, get a Bluetooth dongle/adapter like AirFly Pro. Ensure your AirPods and AirFly are charged. Connect AirFly to the console using a USB/auxiliary jack.

Turn on the controller and hold the pair button until it enters pairing mode.

When you see the LED light blink, enable Bluetooth on your phone, connect to “AirFly mentioned name“, and link your earphones.

Note: This pairing only transmits audio to AirPods from consoles. For voice chat audio transmissions in multiplayer games, use external wired headsets.

Wireless gaming experience improves with AirFly Pro or other options. Check compatibility of controller/headphones with external adapters/dongles before using. Battery life matters when deciding which product to choose.

No more wires, improved convenience – enjoy your gaming experience with AirFly Pro or other available options!

A Bluetooth dongle, such as AirFly Pro, is needed for pairing

For connecting AirPods to Xbox controllers, a Bluetooth dongle such as the Airfly Pro is needed. However, the Xbox Wireless Adapter is a great option that effortlessly links the wireless earbuds to these controllers.

Unlike other generic Bluetooth adapters, this dongle doesn’t cause any delay or latency, offering a smooth experience.

For pairing with the Xbox Wireless Adapter, just do this:

  1. Plug the Xbox Wireless Adapter into your Xbox console or PC.
  2. Ensure your AirPods are not hooked to any device. Keep them close to the Xbox Wireless Adapter.
  3. Press and hold the pairing button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter until its LED light starts flashing. This will make both devices pair up automatically.

It’s important to note that when using the Xbox Wireless Adapter for pairing, both audio transmission and voice chat audio are supported on Xbox controllers.

But on PS4 controllers, only audio transmission is supported. Plus, there are other Bluetooth dongles out there for pairing.

A helpful tip here would be to pick compatible devices when connecting wireless earbuds like AirPods to Bluetooth dongles like the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

It ensures good sound quality and an intuitive interface, making listening easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Pairing AirPods with the Xbox Wireless Adapter is simpler than finding your lost earbuds – just follow these steps.

Steps for pairing AirPods with AirFly Pro

Gamers, don’t worry: AirPods can be paired with PS4 and Xbox controllers! There’s an easy solution – get an AirFly Pro Bluetooth dongle. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Plug AirFly Pro into the headphone jack of your gaming controller.
  2. Press and hold the power button on AirFly Pro until the light flashes – this means it’s in pairing mode.
  3. Turn on your AirPods. Press and hold the small white button at the back of their case for 3-5 seconds. The LED light should blink white in a fast flash.
  4. You should now hear audio from your Bluetooth headphones.

Remember: AirFly Pro only transmits audio, not voice chat. Astro Gaming MixAmp TR is another option, but it’s pricey.

Also, older Xbox controllers can be incompatible with some dongles like the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset USB Dongle. Make sure to check compatibility before buying.

AirFly Pro is a great way to get wireless audio. Its sound quality is great and it’s compatible with all Bluetooth headphones. Plus, it only costs $40 – users worldwide love it!

AirFly Pro only transmits audio, not receive voice chat audio

The AirFly Pro is a device that pairs AirPods wirelessly to PS4 and Xbox controllers. It only transmits audio, not voice chat audio.

This may be a challenge for gamers to communicate with teammates. Users should be aware of and consider alternative approaches.

For example, wired gaming headsets or wireless models with built-in microphones. Or, combine wired headphones with USB microphones. To receive both speech and game sounds clear.

AirFly Pro supports the transmission of non-voice data from Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is compatible with all Bluetooth headphones.

It has good reviews for reliability and an easy-to-use approach. It also keeps sound quality through lossless audio codec support.

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Other alternatives to AirFly Pro for pairing

When it comes to pairing AirPods with gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox, consider these alternatives to AirFly Pro:

  • TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter has a cheaper price, but shorter battery life.
  • Flytunes is created for Nintendo Switch with low latency.
  • MPOW Bluetooth Transmitter can connect two headphones at once with dual-link connections.
  • Boltune Bluetooth Transmitter has aptX low latency audio streaming and can transmit 164 feet from the device.

Look at customer reviews and product specs before buying. AirFly Pro can provide in-flight pairing and compatibility with Nintendo Switch. Enjoy your gaming and movie experience!

Using AirFly for In-flight Entertainment and Video Games

Experience uninterrupted in-flight entertainment or gaming with the help of AirFly. AirFly allows for wireless listening to movies and seamless pairing with gaming devices like Nintendo Switch and Xbox controllers. It is also compatible with virtual reality devices such as Oculus Go, enhancing the user’s experience.

AirFly’s usability for listening to in-flight movies wirelessly

AirFly is the perfect way to get wireless audio when watching in-flight movies! It provides superior sound, and it’s only $40.

Plus, it weighs less than an ounce and can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. Ideal for travelers who want to upgrade their listening experience during long flights.

AirFly easily pairs with Bluetooth-enabled headphones, and works with multiple devices. Connecting AirPods is simple – all you need is AirFly, a Bluetooth transmitter.

Keep in mind, though, AirFly only transmits audio and not voice chat audio – so it’s not suitable for certain gaming.

For in-flight entertainment, AirFly offers great connectivity. Many users have praised its ability to pair with Nintendo Switch.

It’s compatible with both old and new Xbox controllers, but no microphone support. Similarly, it can pair with Oculus Go, but again, no microphone.

In summary, AirFly is great for travel scenarios. You can enjoy wireless listening with better audio quality than airline headphones.

It’s easy-to-use and offers compatibility advantages over other Bluetooth alternatives. The perfect choice for travelers who want better sound.

Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to effortless gaming with AirFly’s pairing.

AirFly’s seamless pairing with Nintendo Switch for gaming

Nintendo Switch gamers can wirelessly listen to their favorite Bluetooth headphones with AirFly. This tiny device weighs less than an ounce and provides good audio quality with a battery life of 8+ hours.

Connect the dongle to the console with a 3.5mm cable. Then pair the headphones to the dongle via Bluetooth settings. This gives a latency-free sound while gaming.

Note: AirFly doesn’t support a microphone when connecting to the Nintendo Switch. But you can use an external microphone while still having wireless headphone connectivity. It’s a great way to game without annoying cables and poor sound.

Be aware that AirFly may not work with Xbox controllers for voice chat. But it does provide excellent compatibility with Nintendo Switch and wireless headphones for a better gaming experience.

AirFly’s compatibility with both old and new Xbox controllers, but the microphone not working

AirFly Pro’s wireless transmitter is a great option for gamers looking to use AirPods with Xbox controllers. It’s compatible with old and new versions. Yet, the design has one downside – no microphone usage.

To pair AirPods with an Xbox controller, connect AirFly Pro to the USB port. Then pair the AirPods via Bluetooth settings. No microphone though. So, voice chat or online gaming will need a different audio device.

AirFly offers improved audio, but microphone use is a must-consider when choosing a wireless audio option. Therefore, it’s wise to select a gaming headset that supports wireless connectivity and includes a built-in microphone. Another option is to invest in a Bluetooth adapter that supports both input and output.

In summary, AirFly’s compatibility with both old and new Xbox controllers is great, but the lack of microphone support is a drawback.

Think about your requirements and evaluate your specific needs before buying a wireless audio device.

Also, AirFly works seamlessly with Oculus Go if you want to take your virtual reality experience to the next level.

AirFly’s use of Oculus Go for VR content

Say goodbye to tangled wires! AirFly Wireless Transmitter is a must-have for those who want to enjoy wireless audio while playing VR on Oculus Go.

It’s small and light, connecting any Bluetooth-enabled headphones. AirPods are compatible, offering high-quality audio.

Plus, its extended battery life lasts more than 8 hours – perfect for prolonged VR use. However, AirFly has certain limitations for VR content when it comes to microphone usage. External microphones or the built-in mic on the device are required.

Despite this minor limitation, AirFly’s compatibility with all Bluetooth-enabled headphones, and its easy usage, have made it a reliable option in the VR community. Enjoy the convenience of wireless audio with AirFly!

Benefits of AirFly Wireless Transmitter

If you’re a frequent traveler who loves using your AirPods, you may have experienced the frustration of not being able to use wireless headphones on a flight due to FAA regulations that require all devices to be used in airplane mode.

However, AirFly Wireless Transmitter allows you to connect your wireless headphones to the in-flight entertainment system via Bluetooth.

This nifty device costs $40, weighs less than an ounce, and has received positive user reviews and recommendations. AirFly also offers improved audio quality compared to the airline’s own headphones.

Allows wireless AirPod use with in-flight entertainment

Tired of dealing with tangled cords and restricted movement during your travels? Check out AirFly! This wireless transmitter lets you connect your AirPods or other bluetooth-enabled headphones with in-flight entertainment systems.

With AirFly, you get great sound quality and an amazing battery life of 8+ hours – all for a low price of $40. Plus, it weighs less than an ounce, making it easy to take on the go.

AirFly is also compatible with a variety of devices and headphones, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows with ease. Unfortunately, AirFly doesn’t support microphone usage – but its many other wireless capabilities make up for it.

If you’re looking for convenience, AirFly is the perfect choice for a better in-flight experience.

Costs $40, weighs less than an ounce with the battery life of 8 or more hours

Searching for a low-cost way to connect your wireless headphones to multiple devices? The AirFly wireless transmitter is the answer! Weighing less than an ounce and costing only $40, it’s a portable and convenient solution. Plus, it offers 8+ hours of battery life for extended listening sessions.

We suggest making a table to show AirFly’s features.

Key AttributesAdvantagesLimitations/Factors for Use
Weighs less than an ounceImproved audio qualityOnly audio transmits. Voice chat audio does not.
Costs only $40Simple to use
8+ hours of battery lifeCompatible with many Bluetooth headphones

AirFly works with more than just Apple’s AirPods. It’s great for in-flight entertainment, Nintendo Switch, and Oculus Go VR content. Keep in mind that only audio transmits. Voice chat audio does not.

AirFly has had great reviews. Users love its light design, easy interface, and connection. Upgrade your in-flight audio with AirFly and ditch the lousy airline headphones!

Improved audio quality than the airline’s own headphones

Want better in-flight audio? AirFly Wireless Transmitter can help! It offers clearer, crisper sound than airline-issued headphones.

Plus, it’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled headphones. At $39.99, it’s a great value for frequent travelers.

It’s lightweight, at less than an ounce, and its battery life is 8+ hours. AirFly also has other uses, like gaming with Nintendo Switch or Oculus Go.

Microphone usage may be limited with some devices, but its audio quality makes up for it.

For an immersive listening experience, AirFly and Bluetooth-enabled headphones are a great choice. Airline headphones just can’t match up!

Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled headphones and easy to use

Need something adaptable that pairs with Bluetooth headphones? Check out the AirFly Wireless Transmitter! The Pro model is even better, with support for Xbox and PS4 controllers – perfect for in-flight entertainment, gaming, and VR. And it only transmits audio – but it’s top quality.

The AirFly is lightweight and affordable, weighing just an ounce and lasting 8+ hours. It works with all Bluetooth devices.

Plus, it’s great for users who need quality sound on the go. So get your hands on one today and enjoy a seamless pairing with your favorite headphones.

Positive reviews and recommendations from users

AirFly is a device with great reviews! It lets users connect their AirPods wirelessly to in-flight entertainment. Plus, it’s cost-effective. It only costs $40 and weighs less than an ounce. And its battery life is 8+ hours long.

AirFly works with any Bluetooth-enabled headphones. It even works with Nintendo Switch and old and new Xbox controllers.

Before you use AirFly or other Bluetooth dongles or adapters, think of compatibility and microphone limitations. But, users say AirFly is great for wireless audio at good sound quality.

Factors to Consider when Connecting AirPods with Various Devices

When trying to pair your AirPods with different devices, it’s important to consider device compatibility and the need for Bluetooth connectivity.

Some devices may require a dongle or adapter for pairing, and the AirPods’ microphone may not work with all devices. Take these factors into account for a seamless pairing experience.

Compatibility with different devices and controllers

AirFly is a terrific wireless transmitter! It is compatible with many different devices and controllers, providing remarkable flexibility and comfort.

It allows users to connect Bluetooth headphones with gaming controllers, in-flight entertainment systems, and more.

The table below shows the compatibility of AirFly with various devices and controllers:

Device/ControllerAirFly Compatability
PS4 ControllerRequires Bluetooth Dongle (AirFly Pro) for pairing
Xbox ControllerRequires Bluetooth Dongle (AirFly Pro) for pairing
Nintendo SwitchSeamless Pairing
Oculus GoCompatible with VR Content
Other Devices/SystemsCompatible with all Bluetooth-enabled headphones

AirFly needs a Bluetooth dongle (like the AirFly Pro) for pairing with PS4 and Xbox controllers. But it has seamless pairing with Nintendo Switch for gaming.

Plus, it’s compatible with VR content on Oculus Go. Also, it works with any device or system that has Bluetooth capabilities.

It’s important to remember that AirFly doesn’t always work with microphones. Even though it’s compatible with both old and new Xbox controllers, the microphone won’t work with AirFly.

So, it’s important to be aware of these limitations before you choose AirFly as your wireless audio transmitter.

To sum it up, AirFly is a great wireless transmitter that provides convenience and flexibility in connecting Bluetooth-enabled headphones with various devices and controllers.

Even though it may have some microphone limitations, it’s still a top choice for wireless audio connectivity.

Need for Bluetooth dongles or adapters

To use AirPods with devices that don’t have Bluetooth, a dongle or adapter is needed. For example, pairing with PS4 and Xbox controllers isn’t possible without one.

For AirFly, an AirFly Pro Bluetooth dongle is necessary. But not all dongles work with AirPods or other wireless headphones, so check the compatibility before buying.

Research thoroughly to find the best dongle or adapter for your setup. Most allow audio transmission, but some may not have microphone support. This is limiting for gaming, where communication with others is necessary.

Alternative options like adapters and built-in Bluetooth exist, but they may be more expensive and not as convenient as standalone adapters like AirFly Pro. Keep in mind that AirPods and AirFly may restrict microphone usage on certain devices.

Limitations in microphone usage

Using AirPods with different devices can cause issues with the microphone. AirFly Pro won’t work for gaming or virtual reality as it only sends audio, not voice chat.

AirFly is suitable for any Bluetooth-enabled headphones. But, you need to check the device and controller compatibility, and if a Bluetooth dongle is necessary. Different alternatives to AirFly could have different features.

If you face microphone limitations when using AirFly, try wired headphones with a built-in mic, or gaming headsets for voice chat. Or, use a 3.5mm jack on devices like Xbox controllers to bypass the Bluetooth limits.

In conclusion, you must think about microphone limitations when using AirPods with AirFly, and explore other options if needed.

The Benefits of Using AirFly for Wireless Audio Connectivity

Looking for a wireless audio connectivity solution that’s both convenient and easy to use? Look no further than AirFly.

In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of using AirFly for your wireless audio needs, including:

  • Improved audio quality compared to wired options
  • Compatibility with multiple devices and headphones

Convenience and ease of use

AirFly has drastically improved wireless audio connectivity. With just one press of a button, you can pair your Bluetooth-enabled headphones quickly and easily. Plus, it only weighs 0.55 ounces and has a battery life of up to 16 hours.

AirFly stands out with its seamless pairing process and lack of wires. It pairs with many devices, like consoles, in-flight entertainment systems, and VR headsets. Plus, AirPods can be connected with little technical knowledge needed.

AirFly also helps you go wireless while traveling. No more tangled cords! Plus, gaming is easier than ever with AirFly’s compatibility with Nintendo Switch. Xbox controllers work too, but microphones may not.

In conclusion, AirFly gives the user unmatched convenience and ease of use. It maximizes compatibility across devices and audio quality.

Improved audio quality compared to wired options

AirFly may not necessarily be the best for improved audio quality when compared to wired connections. But, it does provide uninterrupted sound without any background noise or static.

The effectiveness of Bluetooth-enabled connections for audio clarity and richness may differ based on the devices used. Wired connections can keep audio quality, provided the wires and connectors are of good quality.

AirFly lets users listen wirelessly without sacrificing volume or bass depth. However, the quality may still be dependent on the devices and settings.

Besides audio quality, AirFly offers ease of use and convenience. It pairs with various headphones and devices quickly, and its lightweight design of less than an ounce makes it portable.

With its long battery life of over 8 hours, AirFly is a user-friendly device with positive reviews.

Overall, AirFly’s compatibility with many devices and headphones makes it a versatile wireless audio solution.

Compatibility with multiple devices and headphones

Wireless audio technology is on the rise! AirFly’s wireless transmitter is a top choice, as it links Bluetooth-enabled headphones, including AirPods, to any device. Plus, the AirFly Pro transmitter transmits voice chat audio – not something previously possible.

The AirFly transmitter works with many devices like PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Oculus Go. It’s super easy to use – no extra software or drivers are needed.

Using AirPods and AirFly, microphone use is limited. But overall, AirFly supports wireless audio anytime, anywhere without hassle.

In the end, finding the right wireless audio option depends on the user’s needs. Research and compare options to determine the best fit.

Final Words

Wireless audio connectivity provides a smooth user experience, so it’s essential to pick the correct option for individual needs, tastes, and budgets.

Range, earbud compatibility, battery life, and sound quality are all factors to consider when selecting an option. AirFly is great for pairing non-Bluetooth earbuds with devices. Meanwhile, AirPods Pro is great for phone and computer users looking for top-notch audio.

It’s important to keep in mind that wireless audio connectivity is in constant development. As technology improves, new and improved options keep coming out.

Therefore, it’s essential to stay updated on the newest options by following relevant forums or connecting with like-minded people.

All in all, choosing the right wireless audio connectivity option depends on personal preferences, needs, and budget.

With such a wide variety of options, weighing the pros and cons while taking into account the factors mentioned earlier is a must.

As technology advances, newer and better options continue to appear, so it’s critical to be aware of emerging trends.


How can I connect my AirPods to my PS4 or Xbox?

It is not possible to directly pair AirPods with PS4 or Xbox controllers. Instead, a Bluetooth dongle is needed, such as the AirFly Pro from Twelve South.

What is the process for connecting my AirPods to my PS4 controller with AirFly Pro?

To connect AirPods with AirFly Pro, put the device in TX mode and hold the pairing button on the AirPods case until successful pairing.

Does the AirFly Pro transmit voice chat audio?

No, the AirFly Pro only transmits audio to headphones and cannot receive voice chat audio.

Are there alternatives to the AirFly Pro for connecting AirPods to a gaming console?

Other alternatives include the PS4 Wireless Bluetooth Dongle and Avantree Leaf Class 1 Long Range USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter.

Can the AirFly adapter be used with in-flight entertainment systems?

Yes, the Twelve South Airfly Wireless Transmitter is a small, portable device that enables wireless AirPods to be used with in-flight entertainment systems. It can be plugged into the armrest’s headphone jack, have a battery life of 8 hours, and offers great audio quality.

What are some features of the Twelve South Airfly Wireless Transmitter?

The Twelve South Airfly Wireless Transmitter allows wireless AirPods to be used with in-flight entertainment systems. It also worked with Nintendo Switch and both old and new Xbox controllers.

However, the built-in microphone on Xbox controllers didn’t work with it.

Additionally, it was also used successfully with Oculus Go to watch the World Cup and play ‘Settlers of Catan’ in virtual reality. The device is portable, easy to use and has a battery life of 8 or more hours.