7 Best CPAP Masks to Consider for Dealing with Sleep Apnea

As important as a Cpap machine might be, the efficacy wouldn’t matter if there isn’t a reliable Cpap mask to rely on.

While purchasing the best cpap mask might seem to be a straightforward process, it requires a lot of research and adherence to the diverse breathing requirements.

For starters, you would want to purchase a Cpap mask that is relevant to your face or nasal cavities. In addition to a good fit, you should also opt for masks that kick air leakage in the curb whilst combating your sleep apnea or other related conditions in the best possible way.

Not just that, you also need to select a cpap mask that is in sync with the concerned Cpap machine and even the diameter of the hose. Not just that, you also need to check the durability, heat sensitivity, humidity-accommodation capabilities, field of vision, and other characteristics before purchasing one.

Things to Know before purchasing a Cpap Mask

Before we start enlisting the options, it is necessary to consider the nooks and crannies of the cpap masks, to make the selections even more rewarding. If we were to oversimplify, you should always purchase a cpap mask while purchasing the cpap machine, just to avoid incompatibility issues. Besides, the facial anatomy, severity of the condition, and even the lifestyle have a major role to play in manipulating selections.

Cpap headgear isn’t something that can be purchased randomly. You need to consider the word of mouth reviews, mask compatibility, FDA approvals, and other aspects regarding the fit and type of the mask, as enlisting below:

1. Nasal Masks

These cpap masks are only meant for the nose or rather your nasal cavity, provided OSA and other health conditions primarily lead to nasal congestion (1). Moreover, these masks allow you to move unhindered while sleeping.

Besides, the nasal cpap masks are best suited for the high-pressure mode (2) or the more aggravated form of apnea.

2. Face Masks

You can either opt for a partial face mask or a full-face option depending on specific requirements. These masks are best known for offering consistent treatment options, in the form of regulated pressure. In case you are more of a mouth breather, these masks are expected to come in handy.

3. Nasal Pillow Entities

A nasal pillow mask introduces a nasal prong which gives the same effect as the facial mask but without compromising the entire real-estate. Moreover, if you have a lot of facial hair to account for, the nasal pillow mask can also come across as an effective resource.

4. Hybrid Masks

If you are planning to handle specific conditions, including bridge of the nose irritation, chafing, or other forms of discomfort, a hybrid cpap mask is probably the most resourceful entity in play, featuring a nose-specific seal.

The Best Cpap Mask in the Retail Space: Our Pick

In case you want to skip the entire discussion for getting hold of the best mask in play, you should consider investing in the resourceful ResMed AirFit P10.

For starters, ResMed is one of the more credible suppliers of cpap machines in the retail space which also specializes in manufacturing cpap masks.

This P10 nasal mask flaunts an innovative vent technology that keeps noises to a minimum. Being a nasal pillow mask, this unit is way lighter than a majority of the competitors. Not just that, this product strikes the perfect balance between the high-pressure settings supported by the nasal masks and the spread of the facial masks.

Be it active home usage for months together, using this best cpap accessory from ResMed means a better sleeping pattern for the patients.

Here Are The 7 Best Cpap Masks of 2022

In the subsequent sections, we shall enlist 7 of the best cpap masks with different functionalities and diverse support for handling specific conditions related to sleep apnea. We shall take masks for side sleepers, extensive cpap users, extended freedom of movement, and even the entities with dual wall support.

1. ResMed AirFit P10

Airfit  CPAP Mask


  • Woven-Mesh technology
  • Light and compact
  • Comes in different pillow sizes

In case you want a quiet cpap accessory, this is one of the few products to consider. Based on the woven-mesh structure, the ResMed AirFit P10 allows the exhaled air to leave the mask without making a snoring noise. Most importantly this is one of the lightest Cpap masks in the retail arena, striking an excellent balance between the perks of a typical nasal mask and full-face options. Nonetheless, you can consider using the same as one of the better travel options, especially if you are already carrying along with a heavy cpap machine.

When compared to other nasal pillows, this product is almost 50 percent lighter and assumes a smaller footprint. What stands out though is the all-inclusive layout on offer, featuring a bespoke headgear for lending additional support to the prongs. As far as structural innovation is concerned, the split-strap layout plays a major role in keeping the nasal pillow mask intact whilst minimizing facial contact.

In terms of compatibility, you can choose from three different pillow sizes, depending on the face size and spread. The ResMed AirFit P10 nasal pillow mask keeps the smothering to a minimum courtesy of the sleek and highly efficient structure. Not just that, this product is extremely durable and immune to the occasional abrasions. While the silent air diffusion, as mentioned previously, is one of the better traits on display, the lack of full facial coverage can be slightly restrictive for the compliance seekers.

Overall, if you are more inclined towards a nasal pillow cpap, the AirFit P10 is one of the best masks to complement the preferences.


  • Extremely light and portable
  • Boasts of the entire masking package, including the headgear
  • Perfect fit
  • Silent air diffusion


  • Headgear strap lacks adjustability

2. AirTouch F20 Cushion


  • Flaunts UltraSoft cushion
  • Modular full face layout
  • Features a secure seal

The AirTouch F20 is undoubtedly one of the softest cpap masks in the market, featuring an innovative, soft, and still an extremely durable choice of materials. Besides, this full face product competes with the very best in the market, owing to the modular design and the memory foam, which translates into the UltraSoft cushion for maximum comfort

The memory foam ensures that the mask fits onto every face in question, without compromising on the comfort quotient. What makes it one of the best options in the market is the unmatched breathability. Followed by the feathery feel, this cpap full face mask is one of the best choices for individuals with several cases of OSA. As a matter of fact, there is a safety seal to rely on, allowing the user to keep air leakages to a minimum, regardless of the air pressure.

Unlike some of the other Cpap Masks that slip off at high pressures, the one from AirTouch is immune to this minor bottleneck. Not just that, you also get to experience the QuietAir technology which keeps air diffusion sounds to a minimum. This structural innovation sets the premise for aesthetically-positioned diffuser vents, which are instrumental in dispersion exhalations.

Unlike a conventional full face cpap mask, this clear line unit doesn’t make you claustrophobic. Besides, cleaning the AirTouch F20 is quite easy, courtesy of the accessible layout and synonymy to the wet wipes and simplified maintenance strategies. This means you wouldn’t want to submerge the same in a soap solution to get rid of the deposits.

ResMed AirTouch F20 mask is easy to use, soft, and one of the perfect options for women. Overall, this is a top-of-the-line inclusion with nothing significant to dislike about.


  • Adjusts to every facial structure
  • Features a quick-release structure
  • Best Cpap accessory mask for women


  • Higher pressure levels are slightly difficult to reach owing to the full face design of this mask

3. Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue


  • Features a silicon flap
  • Adjustable up to 360 degrees
  • Comes with cushion clips for keeping the fae mask intact

This full-face cpap mask is one of the more comfortable units in the market, best characterized by the inclusion of cushion clips and the high-end silicone flap for additional comfort. Therefore, you can wear this full face mask for longer periods without damaging the face. Furthermore, the silicone flap isn’t only for protection and even doubles down as an excellent air seal for minimizing leaks.

Much like some of the other cpap masks on our list, this advanced diffusion method ensures enviable levels of quietness. This means your bed partner will never have an issue with the cpap usage as the air is directed upwards instead of over the face. In case you are worried about the adjustment, the Philips Respironics cpap mask flaunts the swivel base holder with 360-degree adjustability.

Here is an adjustable unit that is best known for a personalized fit, a feature that is in sync with every facial structure. The excellent cpap elbow also assists with free and unrestricted movement, especially at night. Besides the quick release clasps allow you to disconnect the mask from the cpap machine for attending to nature’s call. While our experts weren’t quite pleased with the bluish mask color on display, it is a small trade-off for the exceptional feature set on display.

Overall, this Philips Respironics full face mask is more inclined towards offering the best form of comfort as with any full-face entity.


  • Customizable fit as the mask allows you to switch between pillow, nasal, and full-face variant
  • Sits under the nose for increasing field of vision
  • Brilliant aesthetics


  • Cleaning the same can be overwhelming

4. Simplus RollFit


  • Auto-adjusting more
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Light and portable

If you are in the market for an innovative full face mask that can help control the pressure across diverse verticals, the RollFit from Simplus is worth considering. For starters, this isn’t a typical full face mask but more of a sealed cushion that is high on comfort. This feature ensures that the pressure is reduced depending on the comfort levels. Moreover, this intelligently manufactured mask is more responsive towards the inaccessible facial regions, including bridge of the nose and jawline, which are best served by the comfortable seal on display.

As far as the size constraints are concerned, the Simplus RollFit eliminates discrepancies courtesy of the size-based flexibilities. Therefore, you can modify the same as per the small, medium, or even large facial structures, without compromising on the comfort levels. Not just that, there is an advanced ‘air diffuser’ technology to rely on which keeps the cpap operations completely noise-free.

While some of our subjects experienced quite a few skin issues with this full face mask, the benefits clearly outweigh the minor issues on display.  Needless to say, the Simplus RollFit is one of the best cpap masks in the retail space, best characterized by the automatic adjusting feature on offer. This attribute ensures that the mask fits perfectly onto the face, regardless of the sleeping position.


  • Automatic nose rollover
  • One of the more comfortable options to wear
  • Size issues aren’t there with this full face mask
  • Minimal cpap noise


  • Not as cost-effective as any other face mask
  • Might cause skin rashes

5. Respironics DreamWear


  • Interchangeable cushions
  • Magnetic clips
  • Accommodative frame

The Philips Respironics DreamWear is one of the more creatively designed Cpap masks in the market, best known for the comfort it provides, despite extensive usage. While the basic Philips Respironics DreamWear version is the point of discussion, you can always opt for the variant featuring Gel Pillows. For starters, this full face mask flaunts an ‘under-the-nose’ layout, which doesn’t interfere with the line of sight.

However, it is the interchangeable frame that makes a world of difference to the usage patterns. This feature allows you to change the mask layout based on your preferences. For instance, if you want to shun the full face mask for a nasal mask variant, Philips DreamWear supports customizations.

Moreover, if you want a mobile unit that doesn’t restrict movements, this is the perfect mask to consider, owing to the inclusion of magnetic clips. Besides supporting faster headgear removals, this cpap mask is one of the few units that are compatible with different hoses and tubing. The freedom of movement while sleeping is perfectly complemented by the integrated swivels for increasing the range of movement.

If and when structural innovation is concerned, this is one of the lightest products in the market, with the skinny feel complimented by aesthetic and minimalist layout. However, the results weren’t top-notch for several cases of OSA as unlike specific nasal masks, this full face entity doesn’t reach the highest possible pressure points.


  • Interchangeable mask cushions can be customized as a pillow, nasal, or full face mask
  • Zero view obstruction
  • Light and portable
  • Compatible with diverse hose diameters


  • Cleaning the mask is harder than usual

6. ResMed Mirage FX


  • Nasal mask with headgear
  • Four-part cpap mask
  • Comes with a quick-release elbow

The Mirage FX from ResMed is one of the best nasal masks in the market, featuring an ultra-light frame. Besides, wearing the same throughout the night is never an issue courtesy of the soft texture and a sleek design. The feather-light cpap masks also offer flexible facial support despite pushing pressured air only into the nasal cavities.

Besides, unlike some of the other masks on the list, this product features an exceptionally competitive price tag. While the top of the head placement results in additional structure elements, the quality and strength of air pressure aren’t compromised one bit despite the budget price point. Moreover, even side sleepers can make a good case of this best cpap nasal mask, owing to the sleekness of form.

In case you want to get a minimalistic mask that doesn’t sit tight on the bridge of the nose and still allows you to exhale with ease while you watch TV, this option from ResMed can be considered as the most reliable. While you do not get access to magnetic clips like the AirTouch F20, it is the simple, four-part design that is a virtual breakthrough, in case you want to make an immediate purchase.

However, as it is a nasal mask, the higher air pressure takes away a bit of quietness. The whooshing sound, however, is a minor bottleneck to consider, in comparison to the effectiveness of this cpap mask in treating even the severest cases of apnea.

Overall, this is a top-notch nasal mask that basks in the glory of unmatched comfort and minimal visual restrictions while sitting on the bridge of the nose.


  • Allows you to get treatment while you watch TV
  • Sleek and exceedingly light
  • Low pricing
  • Soft cushion for minimal stress on your face


  • Can get a bit noisy

7. ResMed Swift FX Pillow


  • Super soft
  • Dual-wall nasal pillow
  • Minimalistic mask

Here is yet another cpap pillow mask from ResMed, boasting of the sleek, light, and portable structure. The best part about this option is that it is barely noticeable as a pillow mask and should be prioritized if you prefer to watch TV while getting cpap treatment. The nasal pillow mask, besides the flexibility and feathery form, comes equipped with a soft yet snugly cushion for maximizing comfort.

What stands out is the availability of the dual-wall feature associated with this pillow mask. Here is one feature that can tolerate changes in pressure without damaging the inner linings of the mask despite extensive usage. Besides the dual-wall support also helps with the mask durability and stability, thereby dissuading restraints even when there is too much movement around.

While a majority of features associated with this cpap mask can also be found in some of the other products mentioned on the list, the Swift FX works perfectly if side sleeping is one of your preferences. As it isn’t a typical face mask and even comes with a soft, pillow-like cushion, it is one of the best bets if you are worried about the mask slipping off at night. In addition to that, there is a flexible chamber to rely on. This feature comes with a revolving functionality and allows you to align the cpap connection based on the sleeping positions.

Not just that, tolerating high pressure for the direct nasal infusions is possible with the Swift FX at the helm. The flexible chamber doubles down as a perfect seal that stops air leakages and, therefore, increases efficacy. Therefore, if you have a pressure-modulating cpap machine at your disposal, this nasal pillow mask is the best buying option.


  • Flexible and revolving chamber for the best possible side-sleeping experience
  • Minimalistic structure
  • Can tolerate high cpap pressure with ease


  • Restricted cpap compatibility


1. What is the most comfortable Cpap mask?

In case you are looking for the most comfortable cpap mask to wear to sleep, the AirTouch F20 Cushion comes across as a pretty reliable option. While there are many soft and sleek masks in the market, the comfort levels offered by the F20 Cushion extend beyond the basics of wearing. For starters, this is one full face mask which means that the air pressure is always uniform, regardless of the severity of the condition.

Besides even if you want to increase the pressure, as and when recommended by the doctor, this mask ensures that the infusions are more than comfortable. Moreover, as the name suggests, the Cushioned surface puts minimal impact on the nose and the facial areas, which also add to the comfort levels. Not just that, cushion choices are also subject to your preferences, thereby allowing you to choose between AirFit 20 and the memory foam.

2. What is the best cpap mask for side sleepers?

As reviewed by our experts, the Swift FX Pillow is the best mask in the retail space for side sleepers. Unlike some of the other masks on the list, the Swift FX Pillow comes forth with a flexible chamber that rotates as per your preferred sleeping position. Besides, the dual-wall support on offer also ensures that the mask doesn’t undergo any wear and tear despite the side sleeping choices.

3. Should a CPAP Mask Leak?

The concept of leak pertaining to a cpap mask falls in the intentional and unintentional category. When it comes to the former, the leakage is meant to release the co2 while exhaling, precisely to improve the quality of breathing. However, the acceptable leak size is determined by an international standard which also disallows the mask from having any sort of unintentional leakage.

The unintentional leak is more of a significant hole or a weakened seal that can dissipate the pressurized air, thereby minimizing the chances of better treatment. Besides, even if the cpap machine is set to the desired pressure level, a leaky cpap mask considerably reduces the efficacy of the procedure.

As a matter of fact, the leak rate associated with a mask is set at an acceptable figure of 24 liters, each minute, for standard pressure formats. Therefore, if you are experiencing the mentioned leak rates, the cpap mask is still in a top-notch condition and accepted to offer complete benefits of therapy. Last but not least, if you experience any form of unintentional leakage, it is necessary to ascertain the reasons and try to fix the same before considering a mask replacement.

4. What is the most popular cpap full face mask?

According to our experts, the Simplus RollFit is the most popular full face mask in the retail space as it strikes the perfect balance between technology, aesthetics, and a low-noise setup. Besides, despite being a full face mask, it can still sit seamlessly on the bridge of the nose without overindulging. Not just that, the comfortable seal takes popularity to a whole new level by keeping unintentional leakages to a minimum.

Last but not least, it is the ‘Advanced Air Diffuser’ technology that steals the show, which keeps cpap noises as low as possible.


Amid the diverse set of choices concerning nasal masks, nasal pillows, and full-face entities, it is the AirFit P10 nasal pillow option that works the best. This cpap mask is easily the best one on the list, perfectly suited when advanced cpap treatment is concerned. Besides, this is a structural marvel that offers the best of both worlds, including the spread of the full face options and the targeted treatment options provided by the nasal masks.

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