How to Fix Alexa Not Playing Spotify [Solutions]

Are you frustrated because your Alexa won’t play music from Spotify? You’re not alone, as this is a common issue among users. This article provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to troubleshoot and fix the problem with practical steps and useful tips.

If your Alexa isn’t playing Spotify music as expected, there are several ways to solve the problem. Firstly, make sure to update both Spotify and Alexa to the latest versions. You can access your Spotify account settings and set up Spotify as the default music service on Alexa.

Try clearing the cache on your Alexa device or restarting it. If the issue persists, restart your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to add Spotify to the list of available devices.

Key Takeaways

  • Common issues include disconnected or incorrectly linked Spotify accounts, incorrect music playback commands, Spotify not set as the default music service, app updates or cache problems, and Bluetooth connectivity issues.
  • Solutions include reconnecting and re-linking your Spotify account, updating both the Spotify and Alexa apps, clearing app cache and storage, using correct music playback commands, setting Spotify as the default music service, checking for mute settings on your Alexa, resetting your Alexa device if necessary, disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth devices to correct connection issues with Echo devices when playing from Spotify.

Common Issues with Alexa Not Playing Spotify

This issue can be caused by a variety of common issues, such as a disconnected or incorrectly linked Spotify account, incorrect music playback commands, Spotify not set as the default music service, app updates or cache problems, and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Disconnected or incorrectly linked Spotify account

A disconnected or incorrectly linked Spotify account can stop Alexa from playing Spotify. This issue is common but easy to fix. The first step is to turn off your Echo Dot device. Wait for 30 seconds, then turn it back on.

You should also unlink your Spotify account from Alexa, and then link it again. If you are using a web browser, go to the settings of your Spotify account and take away access to Alexa.

Another way to resolve this problem is by turning off the Spotify skill in the Alexa app and then turning it back on again.

Incorrect music playback commands

Alexa may not play Spotify due to wrong commands for playing music. You need to say the correct words so Alexa can start your favorite songs on Spotify. This problem happens when you give flawed instructions for music playback.

For example, if you tell Alexa to “Play Spotify” without adding a song or artist’s name, she might get confused. Try saying “Play [song name] on Spotify” or “Play [artist name] on Spotify”.

It helps Alexa know just what you want her to do. Make sure you’re using exact song titles and artists’ names too! Be clear and correct with your music control requests.

Spotify is not set as the default music service

Spotify may not play on Alexa if it’s not set as the default music service. You can go to your Alexa app and check this. Tap “settings,” then “music.” Now you should see Spotify listed there.

If it’s not, tap “default services” and choose Spotify from the list given. After doing this, tell Alexa to play music on Spotify again.

Issues with app updates or cache

One common issue that may prevent Alexa from playing Spotify is related to app updates or cache. If the Alexa app or the Spotify app on your device is outdated, it can lead to playback problems.

To resolve this, you can try reinstalling both apps on your device. Another potential solution is to remove and re-add the Spotify skill in the Alexa app. This can help address any linking inconsistencies between Alexa and Spotify that might be causing the issue.

By taking these steps, you can troubleshoot and solve problems with app updates or cache that may be preventing Alexa from playing music from Spotify smoothly.

Bluetooth connectivity problems

One common issue that can prevent Alexa from playing Spotify is Bluetooth connectivity problems. These problems can cause interruptions or distortions in the audio playback, making it difficult for Alexa to stream music from Spotify smoothly.

To resolve this issue, it is important to ensure a stable Bluetooth connection between your device and Alexa.

Step-by-Step Solutions When Alexa is Not Playing Spotify

To resolve the issue, follow these simple steps: reconnect and relink your Spotify account, update both the Spotify and Alexa apps, clear app cache and storage, use correct music playback commands, and set Spotify as the default music service.

Reconnecting and relinking my Spotify account

To solve the issue, one important step is to reconnect and relink your Spotify account. This can be done by following these simple steps. First, open the Alexa app on your device.

Then, go to the settings menu and select “Music & Podcasts”. From there, choose “Spotify” as your default music service. Next, click on “Remove Account” to unlink your current Spotify account from Alexa.

After that, log out of both the Spotify and Alexa apps on your device. Now, open the Spotify app again and navigate to its settings menu. Look for “Connect to a Device” or similar options and select “Echo Dot”.

Updating Spotify and Alexa apps

You need to update both the Spotify and Alexa apps regularly. By installing the latest software version for both apps, you can ensure that any bugs or issues are fixed.

This will help improve compatibility between the two apps and increase the chances of successful music playback. Keep in mind that updates often include important improvements and fixes, so it’s recommended to keep Spotify and Alexa apps up to date by checking for updates regularly.

Clearing app cache and storage

The next solution is to clear the app cache and storage. Sometimes, accumulated data can cause problems with the app’s performance. Clearing the app cache means getting rid of temporary files that may be causing glitches or errors.

Deleting unnecessary data from the app storage can also free up space and improve its functionality. By doing this simple troubleshooting step, you might be able to resolve any issues related to caching or storage and get Alexa playing your favorite Spotify tunes smoothly again.

Using correct music playback commands

You need to use the correct music playback commands. When giving instructions to Alexa, make sure to clearly state the name of the song, artist, or playlist you want to play.

For example, say “Alexa, play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen on Spotify.” Using specific and clear commands can help avoid any confusion and ensure that Alexa plays the right music from Spotify.

Setting Spotify as the default music service

The last solution is to set Spotify as the default music service. This ensures that whenever you ask Alexa to play music, it automatically uses Spotify as the preferred option.

To do this, open the Alexa app on your phone and go to Settings. Then select Music & Podcasts and choose Spotify as your default provider. By making this change, you can enjoy seamless playback of your favorite songs from Spotify through Alexa without any issues.

Remember to also check other troubleshooting steps if the problem persists.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Check for any mute settings on your Alexa device and ensure that the volume is turned up. If the issue persists, try resetting by unplugging it from power for a few seconds and then plugging it back in.

Additionally, disconnect and reconnect any Bluetooth devices that might be interfering with Spotify playback. Disable shuffle mode on Spotify as well, as this can sometimes cause issues with music playback.

If all else fails, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Spotify and Alexa apps to resolve any underlying software problems.

Checking for mute settings

You can check for mute settings. This can be done by going to the Alexa app on your device and selecting “More,” then “Settings.” From there, choose “Music & Podcasts” and look for any mute options or settings that may have been enabled.

Checking for mute settings is one of the helpful tips provided in the article to fix this issue. So, make sure to go through these steps if you are experiencing problems with Spotify playback on Alexa.

Resetting Alexa

One helpful troubleshooting tip is to reset the Alexa AI-assistant device. This can be done by unplugging it from the power source for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.

Another option is to remove the Spotify skill in the Alexa app and then add it again. Power cycling the Alexa device can also be a solution to this problem. By resetting the device, any linking discrepancies between the Alexa and Spotify apps can be resolved.

Additionally, resetting Alexa can help make Spotify the primary music player and verify the Amazon Echo device’s name. So when you’re having trouble with Alexa not playing Spotify, try resetting your device as a potential solution.

Disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth devices

Try disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth devices associated with your Alexa. This can help resolve any connectivity problems between your Echo device and the Bluetooth device.

Simply remove the previously paired Bluetooth device from your Alexa settings, and then pair it again. This simple step might solve the problem and allow you to play Spotify music smoothly on your Alexa.

Restarting the router is not recommended as a solution for this particular issue.

Disabling the shuffle mode on Spotify

To resolve the issue of Spotify not playing on Alexa, you can try disabling shuffle mode in your Spotify app. Some users have reported that the shuffle option interferes with Echo devices.

To do this, go to the Now Playing view on Spotify and look for the shuffle mode icon. Toggling off and on the shuffle feature in Spotify may help fix problems where shuffling is not working correctly.

This troubleshooting tip can be especially useful for Spotify Premium users experiencing issues with song shuffling.

Reinstalling apps if necessary

If you’re still having trouble then do these steps, reinstalling the apps might help. Reinstalling the Alexa app or the Spotify app can fix any bugs or issues that may be causing the problem.

Sometimes, an outdated or corrupted app can prevent proper functionality. By downloading and installing the latest versions of these apps, you can ensure a smooth experience when playing music from Spotify on your Alexa device.

Remember to follow proper installation instructions and make sure your device is compatible with the apps.


Q2: What are some basic fixes for Alexa not playing Spotify?
A: Start by ensuring your Alexa device is connected to the internet and both Spotify and Alexa apps are updated. Then, unlink and relink your Spotify account, and restart your Alexa device.

Q3: How do I set up Spotify on Alexa?
A: Open the Alexa app, go to Settings > Music & Podcasts > Link New Service, and select Spotify. Follow the prompts to link your account.

Q4: What if Alexa doesn’t understand my command to play Spotify?
A: Use specific commands like “Alexa, play [song name] on Spotify” to avoid confusion.